Mediterranean Living

Mediterranean Living

CSM, on behalf of Consorzio Casa Toscana has operatively managed, for the Tuscan Region Authority, the first INTERREG IIIB MEDOCC European project
Mediterranean Living

CSM, on behalf of Consorzio Casa Toscana has operatively managed, for the Tuscan Region Authority, the first INTERREG IIIB MEDOCC European project "Mediterranean Living: peculiarities, potentialities, strategies of intervention" of which the Tuscan Region Authority is the leader, involving partner countries as: Italy, France, Spain, Algeria and Tunisia.

The Mediterranean has always been an area for the exchange of products, ideas, and cultures, which have always influenced each other but without though, ever loosing cultural conscience of their territory. This system of interaction still prevails today; it is, thus, important to build up a common project capable of strengthening the contact points of those cultures that go beyond the local identities of each country, that is, being able to read beyond each country's specific culture, usage and customs, a sort of local-macro identity. Studying the Mediterranean living to create a socio-anthropological structure and also to tackle economic issues.


The Euromedysys - Mediterranean Living project proposes to identify and experiment methodologies of collaboration among the Mediterranean territorial systems. Many countries are working on a project for defining the contents of an identity of Mediterranean living through common productive systems in the various sectors, from that of furniture to that of ceramics.

The project aims at:

-Defining the principals at the base of an identity for Mediterranean Living;

-Verifying the present and future potentialities on a market product level, included in such an identity for characteristics;

-Defining common strategies of intervention among the partners, geared at strengthening the production peculiarities of the Meda and Medoc countries.

Two workshops were organized within the project:

1st workshop

The Mediterranean Living: contributions for a definition
Siena, 19-20 June 2003

2nd workshop

The Mediterranean Living: identity and market
Florence, 14 November 2003

Pilot project and future scenarios

A pilot project was individualized during the initial programming. It consists of diverse lines of development and it continued up to June 2004.

Pilot project:

1 definition of guide lines / manifesto for an identifying product of Mediterranean HabitatMed
2 Creation of a network of those adhering to the manifesto
3 Planning/production
4 Communication/ dissemination

Possible scenarios of future development were identified after this date; they will be checked as the project evolves.
The future scenarios had a greater definition in occasion of the project's Closing Conference at the end of June 2004.
In the aim of this conference, from July 1 - 17, the Exhibition "Mediterranean Living" also took place at the UIA - Università Internazionale dell'Arte - Firenze (International University of Art - Florence). The exhibit was supervised by the Corso di Laurea in Disegno Industriale (degree course in Industrial Design) in Florence.

Future scenarios:

1 Strengthening guide lines
2 Planning/production
3 Communication/ circulation
4 Training and further education actions

The actions proposed and developed are all interventions of the network, coordinated by CSM.
For further information you can visit the Euromedsys site.


Tuscan Region Authority (Euromedsys coordinator and leading authority of Mediterranean Living)
Campania Region Authority
Emilia-Romagna Region Authority
Instituto de Fomento de Andalucìa
Région Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur
Gouvernatorat de Sousse
Gouvernatorat de Sfax
Ministère Algerien de l'Aménagement du Territoire et de l'Environnement


Mediterranean Living