The DesigNetwork Project is aimed at creating a network of contacts and exchanges among the European design centres that are committed to the promotion of design

The DesigNetwork Project is aimed at creating a network of contacts and exchanges among the European design centres that are committed to the promotion of design. The objective is that of identifying new strategies and of establishing common policies for the dissemination of innovation and of project culture among the SMEs.
The DesigNetwork project is not only directed at the furniture companies, but to the entire home sector: ceramics, glass and crystal, stone.

Actors involved
The project is promoted and coordinated by the Centro Sperimentale del Mobile e dell'Arredamento, Poggibonsi (Siena).
Another actor involved is the Corso di Laurea in Disegno Industriale della Facoltà di Architettura dell'Università di Firenze (Degree Course in Industrial Design in the Department of Architecture, University of Florence).

The initial bodies involved, identified after specific research and analysis were:
DDC Dansk Design Centre - Copenhagen;
Design Council London - London
Rat Fur Formgebung - German Design Council - Frankfurt
IMPIVA Instituto de la Mediana y Pequeña Industria Valenciana - Valencia
CDRA Centre Design Rhones-Alpes - Lyon
DFF Design Forum Finland - Helsinki
to which the following were then added:
Rat für Formgebung - German Design Council - Frankfurt, design centre contacted in substitution of the centre visited in Berlin;
SVID - Svensk Design Industri - Stockholm, Swedish design centre, indicated by the same centres DDC (Denmark) and DFF (Finland) as an important meeting points in the Scandinavian world of design;
ORNAMO (Association of Finnish designers), involved with DFF (Design Forum Finland) and DBA (Design Business Association - London), involved with Design Council London for the specific choice of designers;
AIDIMA (Institute of Technology for Furniture and Related Industry - Valencia), a body involved with IMPIVA for choosing the designers and giving a better contribution to the theme of design for the small and medium sized companies.

During 2004 there were new contacts with:
EDL - Estonia

In June 2004 Designetwork was open to some of the new countries of the European Union, such as Poland, Checz Republic and Ungheria:
SPFP - Warsawa

See the links of the DesigNetwork centres.

The first activities developed within the project concerned the organization of two workshops, in May 2003 and in September 2003. These were conceived as the first meeting between the different states of affairs involved and the programmes sent by each design centres.

The project subsequently focused on the creation of meeting occasion to combine foreign designers (chosen and proposed by European design centres) and Tuscan enterprises aiming at the realization of prototypes and products. Both companies and designers were asked to carry out the products according to Green Home guidelines. Some of these ‘combinations' really gave excellent results. The best example is represented by the cooperation between Ferlea and the Finnish designer Ilkka Suppanen, that led to the production of the armchair Gap, presented at Salone del Mobile di Milano 2004. This was a very fruitful collaboration since it went on and brought to the production of a second armchair, Cube, successfully presented at Salone del Mobile di Milano 2005.

Thanks to the cooperation and to the contacts established with some European design centres within DesigNetwork, CSM was involved in the European project Interreg IIIC SeeDesign, which allowed further development of our contacts network.