The Shape of Values - Canton (15-18 September 2006)

The Shape of Values - Canton (15-18 September 2006)

The exhibition "The Shape of Values" was presented in the space of Tuscan Region at CISMEF - International Fair for PMI.

The exhibition "The Shape of Values" was presented in the space of Tuscan Region at CISMEF - International Fair for PMI. The presence of Tuscan Region, in the Italian context, had as fulcrum three exhibitions, organised by: Artex, CPS - Oroarezzo, CSM/Casa Toscana.
CSM, Centro Sperimentale del Mobile, organised and managed the exhibition "The Shape of Values" on behalf of Consorzio Casa Toscana.

The concept of the exhibition "The Shape of Values"

The future possibilities of success of products on the global market are strictly connected with the ability of making these goods and products recognisable by an extra-value deriving from the link with the territory and landscape, especially in specific contexts like Tuscany which has a clear place in everybody's imagination.
This connotation, made of formal, structural, environmental, ethical and material aspects, seems stronger even because less imitable.

Moving from these ideas, The Shape of Values  presented the Tuscan production system in the furniture and decoration sectors by using the significance of the perception that Tuscany has in people's mind. This link was created through:

- the creation of evocative guide - concepts to describe the main characteristics of our region;
- the selection of products able to express efficiently these concepts;
- the realisation of an innovative layout made of multimedia boards as a virtual description of these concepts and products of important Tuscan companies.

This action can contribute to reinforce the idea and value of Tuscany and Tuscan products in growing key-markets as the Chinese.

The project
The exhibition "The Shape of Values", presented for the first time in New York in November of 2005, was conceived as itinerant and the presence in Canton belongs to a larger project which plans the same exhibition in Moscow too in November 2006.
In this event of Canton the exhibition was larger than the one presented in New York in 2005 and it was adapted to the available space.
The products became 20, among which some prototypes, able to express 5 guide-concepts.
Because of these differences of pieces' choice, the 5 videos linked to the guide-concepts were modified with the inclusion of the new companies involved in the project.
The exhibition showed all the Tuscan production system and most of the setting up included virtual and interactive sections. There followed one another some images of products with the relevant historic, art and landscape features in the area, classified following the same leading ideas and with the purpose of reinforce them on the communicative level.
The exhibition was accompanied by a catalogue with introductive essays describing the philosophical / theoretical concept of the exhibition, description and images of the products exhibited with clear reference to the companies involved.

Combination key - concepts / products / manufacturers

Innovate on tradition
Luca Scacchetti, Inclusione vasi e bicchieri, prod. Vilca
Nucleo, Al sole Panca, prod. Travertino Sant'Andrea
Superstudio, Teso, tavolo, prod. Giovannetti
Studio tecnico Cooperativa Artieri dell'Alabastro, Granturco, lampada, prod. Cooperativa Artieri dell'Alabastro

Develop with nature
Green Camper, modello, Trigano
Angelo Mangiarotti, vasi collezione d'estate, prod. Colle Cristallerie
Ilkka Suppanen, Gap, poltroncina, prod. Ferlea
Piergiorgio Cazzaniga, Lips, poltroncina, prod. Dema

Production as identity
Paolo Grasselli, Classic Onda, prod. Halto
Claudia Batzing, Molla, portacandele, prod. Ferrart
Roberto Lazzeroni, Big Shell, poltrona, prod. Fasem
Matteo Thun, Matteo, centrotavola, prod. Up&Up group

Evocate significances
Roberto Lazzeroni, Loves messages, scrivania, prod. Ceccotti collezioni
Simone Micheli, O, Fire, caminetto, prod. Amiata Marmi
Ettore Sottsass, Odalisca, totem, prod. Mirabili
Joe Colombo, Smoke, bicchieri, prod. Arnolfo di Cambio

Connotate with art
Matteo Ragni, Giulio Iacchetti, Cucio Fontana, tappeto, prod. Parentesi Quadra
Prospero Rasulo, Corallina, lampada, prod. Marioni
Karim Rashid, Karimago, vaso, prod. Egizia
Jerszy Seymour, Playstation, prod. BRF


The Shape of Values - Canton (15-18 September 2006)